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What Should You Do With An Old Dishwasher?

It's a matter of time before a once new dishwasher becomes old and perhaps even break. You might find it difficult to get rid of this old appliance, and you are right to think it might be a challenge without some assistance. You have many options, ranging from selling your dishwasher to renting a dumpster so you can toss it in the trash.

Not sure which option is best for you? Read on to learn more about how you can get rid of an old, large appliance.

Sell Old Appliances

Is your appliance still working but just not as well as it used to? You might be able to make some cash. You might try your hand at selling the dishwasher at a yard sale, but you can also turn to the web to secure a seller. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are both viable options. You can also make some money by selling your dishwasher to an appliance dealer or somebody who focuses on junking appliances.

Donate Your Appliance

If your dishwasher is still working, you can donate it to a thrift shop. A thrift shop will gladly accept working appliances to sell them at an affordable rate to somebody who needs it. Depending on the value of the dishwasher, you could even be able to write off the donation on your taxes. That's a win-win situation.

Recycle Your Appliance

If your appliance does not work, you may be able to recycle it for parts or through a local recycling center. The components inside are metal and can be scrapped, and you may receive some money for the parts you recycle. Somebody may even be able to come to your home and pick up your dishwasher so you don't even have to leave the house. Easy!

Rent a Dumpster and Get Rid of Many Items at Once

If you have a lot of items to get rid or you are getting rid of your dishwasher as part of a home renovation or major project, you might consider renting a dumpster so you can trash a bunch of items at once. A dumpster rental may be the best way to get through a bunch of projects at once. If you have a lot of time on your hands and can compile many items you want to toss, you can't go wrong by renting even a small dumpster and having the items hauled away with no hassle.