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3 Questions To Ask When Renting Portable Toilets For Your Upcoming Event

Are you in need of some portable toilets to accommodate guests at your upcoming event? Here are a few questions to ask the rental company you decide to source your toilets from:

Are Any Bulk Discounts Available?

You may only want to rent three or four portable toilets, but the company you're renting from might offer a nice bulk discount if you rent five or more. You'd save some money on your rentals and increase convenience for your event guests by renting that fifth portable toilet. But you may not know about the discount unless you ask.

So, take the time to ask about bulk rental options. You may end up having to rent more portable toilets than you originally anticipated, but you may be able to save some money on your event expensive overall. And you will certainly make the guests who are waiting in line for a restroom happier.

How Will Waste Disposal Be Handled?

There is a chance that the portable toilets you rent will get filled up before your event comes to an end. If this happens, your guests won't have anywhere to go to the bathroom and the event space may start to stink a little. Therefore, you should make sure that the rental company you decide to work with offers real-time disposal services. If a portable toilet looks like it's filling up, your rental company should come out right away to drain and clean it so it can continue being utilized by your guests.

Find out whether a service technician can be present throughout the event so the toilets you rent can be regularly cleaned out. If you'll have to call for a cleaning service during your event, make sure you know how long you should expect to wait for someone to show up after making your call. This will help you gauge how full you should let the toilets get before calling for service, so they don't overflow before a service technician arrives.

Is Liability Insurance Offered?

Another important question to ask when renting portable toilets is whether liability insurance is offered. You can't control the actions of all your event guests. So, if someone decides to write on the walls inside or kicks a dent in a wall, you shouldn't be financially responsible for repairs. But because you're the one who is renting the portable toilets, you will be financially responsible for them should any damage occur.

With liability insurance in place, you can make a claim against any damage done to a toilet that wasn't personally your fault. The insurance company will pay for the repairs and you'll likely only be on the hook for a small co-pay.