Applying Crucial Sanitation Concepts to Real Life

Things To Know About Septic Tanks

A septic tank might be one of the greatest conveniences for many homeowners, but it can cause problems if not properly taken care of. Basically, a homeowner has the responsibility of getting maintenance for not only their septic tank but also the parts that work together with it. For instance, septic tanks must be connected to a drain field in order for waste to be properly disposed of as it is designed to. Neglecting to maintain the tank properly can have a bad impact on not only the drain field but also the inside of a house. Continue reading to learn more about septic tanks and problems that might arise without proper maintenance and repairs being done when it is necessary.

Pumping the Waste Out of a Septic Tank

You don't have to invest in any special tools or equipment to pump the waste out of your septic tank. In fact, you don't have to pump the waste out on your own at all, as there are professionals that can handle the task. Basically, you should call for a professional to pump waste out of the tank before it becomes too full rather than waiting until the last minute. The reason is that an overly full tank is what can lead to problems developing, which means that you will have to spend money to get things repaired. Ask a septic tank pumping contractor how often your specific tank should be pumped in order to prevent problems.

How a Full Tank Can Affect the Drain Field

If you allow your septic tank to get overly filled with waste, you might end up with some of it flowing into the drain field. The only waste that should be flowing out of the tank and into the drain field is the part that is liquid. An overly filled tank can lead to some of the solid waste getting into the drain field lines, which can cause it to become congested and not work properly. Basically, you will end up with waste rising out of the soil and creating toxic puddles on your property. The puddles will also have a bad odor that can make breathing in the air outside unpleasant.

Problems That Might Arise in a House

Another problem that might arise due to a septic tank being filled with waste is for it to flow back into plumbing fixtures. You can even end up with some of the solid waste flowing out of your bathtub drain, along with any other drains in your house. Get your septic tank pumped as often as it is needed to avoid getting into such a situation.