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Investing In The Right Mop Kits For Your School Janitors: Tips For Choosing Components

With so much focus on cleanliness and sanitizing in the school environment, it's important that you set your janitors up for success and ensure that they are adequately prepared to keep the facility as clean and healthy as possible. One of the things you'll need to do is establish a mopping cart for each of your janitors, and stock it properly to give them all the tools that they need. Here's a look at some of the things you need to think about when you're stocking a mopping kit for your school janitors.

Invest In Multi-Compartment Bucket Systems

One of the biggest investments that you'll make for your janitors is their mop buckets. You need to be sure that they have the buckets that they need to adequately clean the floors and not just push dirty mop water around. That means buying multi-compartment mop buckets.

With multi-compartment mop buckets, there is a bucket for the mop water, which you can add cleaner to. On that side, there's also a press to help squeeze excess water out of the mop before it's used on the floor. Then, on the other side, is a clean water compartment that can be used to mop over the clean surface afterward to remove any residual cleaning detergent. This ensures that the floors are clean and there's no sticky residue or cleaner left after mopping.

Select The Right Mop Heads

The mop heads that you choose for your janitor's mop kits are important. You want to be sure that you select mop heads that are absorbent because they'll be used to clean up spills as well as mop the floors. Some mop heads are made from materials that are coated in chemicals, which can make them less absorbent than others. Sometimes, it's even best to have some microfiber mop heads for soaking up spills and other styles for mopping the floors.

You'll also want to be sure that your mop heads are washable. It's ideal to be able to throw the mop heads into an industrial washing machine regularly to ensure that they are free of bacteria and other issues. Finally, make sure that you choose a material that dries quickly. The faster your mop heads dry when the janitors are done, the less risk of mold or mildew issues you'll have to worry about.

Invest In Many Of Each Mop Head

You may have already thought about the perfect mop buckets and have chosen the mop heads that are most ideal for your janitors. What you probably didn't think about, however, is that you really should buy far more mop heads than you might think.

Err on the side of caution and invest in more mop heads than you originally thought you needed. Remember that you'll need mop heads to use while the primary ones are being washed, you'll need extra mop heads for each cart in case one is damaged or there's a problem, and you should also include additional mop heads for each cart to use when mopping the bathrooms. That way, a different mop head is used in the bathrooms than is used anywhere else in the building. This is important for sanitation.

Take these tips into consideration when you're ordering supplies for your janitor's mop carts. Contact a local mop cleaning kit for school janitors supplier, such as Work Smart Industries, to learn more.