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5 Things Your Luxury Portable Wedding Restroom Should Have Plenty Of

A luxury portable restroom can save your outdoor wedding no matter what the season. Providing comfort from the summer heat, tidiness in spring and fall rains, and heat in the winter cold, it's a must for any big open-air wedding. But what should you look for in a luxury restroom? Here are five key things that yours should have plenty of.

1. Plenty of Space

When renting a restroom, aim for the largest one your budget comfortably sustains. Even if you get a luxury unit, a smaller one will feel less luxurious even though it has the same amenities. A large, open restroom feels brighter, cleaner, and more special. It will wow guests. 

2. Plenty of Coolness

Spring and summer are prime times for outdoor weddings, and with good reason, since the weather is best. However, this can also lead to longer, hotter days. Make sure your restrooms offer a cool, refreshing experience. Guests may associate portable restrooms with warm, humid spaces and so will be pleasantly surprised by a cool and comfortable environment. 

3. Plenty of Amenities

What little extras do your luxury choices offer? The details vary, but a few common amenities include running hot and cold water, mirrors, changing stations, televisions, and even a sitting area. Look for a rental that provides these little touches for your guests. These elevate the portable restroom experience to the level you want. 

4. Plenty of Hardscape

No guest wants to hike down trails, across wet grass, or through bushes in their wedding wear. So choose a restroom that you can place in a convenient, but solid, location. This might be a walkway or patio, but you can also lay down a solid flooring of your own. If the ground may be wet or the weather questionable, make this solid surface as large as possible around the restrooms for tidiness. 

5. Plenty of Services

How long will guests potentially use your facilities? Large parties, full days, and activity at the venue for multiple days all add up to bathrooms that could suffer from overuse. Talk with your rental company about the overall wedding weekend plans for the restrooms. If necessary, they may need servicing during the rental. If so, make sure you arrange for it in advance. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your luxury restroom? No matter your budget, location, or wedding size, start by meeting with an experienced local restroom rental service today. They'll guide you to the right size, the right amenities, and the right services to make your nuptials the best they can be. 

For more info on luxury portable restrooms, contact a company near you.