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Dumpster Rentals - Useful Tactics When Using Them For Construction Debris

Dumpster rentals serve many great roles but are particularly beneficial for construction debris that collect around build sites. If you plan to use one for construction materials like rocks, sand, and concrete, here are some helpful precautions to be aware of.

Get the Right Dumpster Size

You can get rental dumpsters in all sizes, from compact to massive. However, there may be one size in particular that could serve your dumping operations. You just need to review the scale of construction debris dumping.

What type of materials do you need to throw away, and how much will pile up during a construction project? Take as long as you need to assess these details so that you're able to order a dumpster with the perfect dimensions. 

Verify Construction Debris is Accepted

Once you figure out what you plan to throw away during a construction project, it's wise to verify that these materials are acceptable by the rental supplier you get the dumpster from. After all, you have to get their approval to avoid penalties. 

Luckily, each dumpster rental supplier should list construction debris they do and don't accept. Your job is to go through their list and confirm that all your construction debris can go inside the dumpster without causing any problems for the rental supplier later on.

Use Cranes For Heavy Debris

Some of your construction materials will be heavy and, subsequently, difficult to lift inside the dumpster rental by hand. For these materials, it's best to use a crane. The machinery gives you ample lifting power and control, making it easy to move large debris inside the dumpster without adverse incidents.

You can even rent a miniature crane that doesn't take up much space to move heavy-duty construction debris inside the dumpster. Just make sure you find a skilled operator who can navigate the machinery safely and efficiently. 

Figure Out the Best Drop-Off Location

The drop-off location is an essential factor to get right when renting a dumpster for construction debris. Where do you need to place the dumpster after you find the right one to order from a supplier?

To find out, go through your construction site to see which drop-off area makes the most sense. Ideally, you want a spot that's easy for everyone to access and is free of clutter. 

Dumpster rentals come in handy during construction because of all the debris that collect during these operations. If you select the right dumpster and use it properly, you won't get into trouble when using these rentals.